Monday, November 10, 2014

New Kodable app

Many of you are already enjoying using the Kodable Class app on the iPad to introduce Coding to young children - suitable for EYFS and upwards in Primary, and great fun too! 
Kodable has announced a key change and more can be found on their blog.
They have decided to retire Kodable Class from the App Store, and migrate the features to a new app called Kodable, this will streamllne Kodable for iPad, Android and Computer web-based users resulting in easier access for all.
Key dates to look out for:
November 28 2014 - Kodable Class no longer available in the App Store, and ALL Kodable Class subscribers, including those on School Plans, need to migrate to the new Kodable App.  All of your info will migrate by entering class codes or just follow migration instructions.
Migration Webinar November 19 2014 - All will explained in a short webinar on November 19 at 10am PST. See what time that is for you, here. Opportunities to ask questions too. A recording is available if you miss this webinar.
To migrate in under 5 minutes take a look at the Kodable migration guide


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